Sangria Sessions

Let's Learn Spanish and Drink Wine Together!

Señorita Melissa Page offers Spanish classes to individuals and groups in the Philadelphia area.  Whether you have never taken a Spanish class in your life, or want someone to challenge your current language ability and take your Spanish to the next level, Señorita Page can help you achieve your Spanish goals!  Señorita Page, a current Spanish teacher in the Philadelphia ISD, believes in total language immersion.  Through reading, writing, listening and speaking, you will begin to acquire Spanish naturally.  Señorita Page uses culture, authentic media, newspapers, books, music, writing and conversation to improve your Spanish. For more information, contact Señorita Page at 267.603.1022. ¡Vámonos!

Sangria Sessions with Señorita Page

Is your Spanish rusty? Have you ALWAYS wanted to learn Spanish?


Join Señorita Page to learn or improve your Spanish skills!

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What ARE Sangria Sessions?


Sangria Sessions are.....

  • Structured group conversations in Spanish (main focus)
  • Authentic news articles, recipes, songs, menus, poetry that spark discussion
  • Games and other fun activities that will get you speaking Spanish!



After 8 Sessions, you will be able to:

  • Talk with "Papi" at your corner store
  • Read AND Understand the menu at the Mexican restaurant (more than 60 in Philly alone!!)
  • Flirt AND Impress that Latin Lover
  • Enjoy Telemundo and Univisión
  • Defy American stereotypes by becoming bilingual!



*** New Classes for Levels 1-2 begin the week of July 9th, 2014***
4 60-minute classes include a glass (or two) of wine. ($100) 

Locations and Times: 

Starting on July 9th

Level 1-2:

6:30 PM  Wednesdays at Jet Wine Bar (15th and South)

8 PM Wednesdays at Juju Salon (4th and Bainbridge)*




Other locations and times: TBD

Interested in private group classes or maybe a private fiesta/class? Contact Sangria Sessions below! 

*8PM Class will focus on how to integrate Spanish at home with children! All are welcome but there will be some focus specific to parents!


Join Sangria Sessions Ahora (Now)!  Email or Call today at or 267.603.1022. ¡Gracias!

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